a year-long course in Meditation


The Inner-Eye

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THE INNER-EYE: a year-long course in Meditation

with Dr. Mal Strangefellow

Over the course of 60 weekly lessons, you’ll be guided step-by-step through the basics of meditation, to more intermediate, and then advanced meditational practices.

Each week you’ll receive detailed instructions on what and how you should practice your daily meditation, each week building slowly upon the last so you never feel lost or unsure of what to do. At the end of each week, you’ll receive questions to ponder to deepen your experience – and receive personal feedback on your progress.

Sharing time-tested techniques and essential wisdom distilled over thousands of years, Meditation is a gift to the modern world from a living tradition. Whether you’re just beginning a meditation practice, or have been a dedicated student for years—no matter what tradition or background you come from – THE INNER-EYE is perfect for all who seek to experience their full potential, all for less than $10 per month!


Led by Dr. Mal Strangefellow, former Tibetan Buddhist monk trained in both Drikung and Kagyu methods of Mahamudra, as well as an authorized Zen Master in the Korean lineage of Sungsan Haeng’weon Daeseonsa.

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