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Authentic Theurgy and Thaumaturgy from East Asia.

This ritual meditation practice is based primarily on the Kuan tzu tsai p’u sa ju i lun nien sung i kueh as well as the Wu liang shou ju lai kuan hsing kung yang i kueh, both translated by Amoghavajra. This ritual meditation practice was originally an evocation ritual of Cintamanicakra Avalokiteshvara.

The Chinese sources for this practice begin by saying that this practice, if performed, guarantees success in all affairs. At the same time, within the East Asian mantrayana/mikkyo training system, this is a purification rite for the practitioner, intended to insure the success of the following, more complicated rituals within the traditional Shido Kegyo (four training rituals). Also, although originally an evocation rite of Cintamanicakra Avalokiteshvara, it was designed to accommodate any Buddha, Bodhisattva, or Deity and today is most often practiced with either Mahavairochana (Dainichi Nyorai), or – as in the case with this course – The Light King, Fudo-Myoo.

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