Magical Affinity Assessment

Hi there! First of all, thank you for being willing to spend just a few minutes answering a handful of questions for me, I very much appreciate it.

Secondly, let’s talk about what this is NOT (at least for right now). This is NOT going to reveal to you your “magical affinity” (I know, I know… the page title lies).

So what IS this, and what will it do?

This is a basic Holland Assessment (ever take a career aptitude test? It’s one of those). It asks a few questions about things you like (or think you might like, regardless of your current skill or educational level), and based on your answers assigns you three dominant categories (out of six), and this is known as your “Holland Score.” Each category has a long, long list of careers associated with it, and the theory is that where your three categories overlap will give you a list of possible careers in which you might find a good degree of satisfaction and success.

So what am I doing with this? Well, I was curious as to whether there might be a correlation between magical/occult interest and affinity and these six Holland categories. In fact, I was curious enough about this, that I started this project.

I’m hoping to have at least 100 or so respondents to this very short quiz. Once I hit that mark, I’m going to start crunching the numbers to see if there really is some sort of correlation between the two (at which point, we’ll have a very cool little assessment new folks can take to see where they might most enjoy their occult pursuits) or if there’s NO correlation at all, in which case… at least this was fun?

Either way, thank you again for doing this – and if you don’t mind, would you consider sharing this assessment with potential interested others? The more respondents, the better the data I receive!




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