The Hero’s Journey to Healthy Masculinity

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Vision: Why Does This Course Exist? Strategic

To elevate men from uninitiated “adolescent prince” behavior into mature kings capable of creating their kingdom & healing their community.

Mission: What Are We Doing? Tactical

I provide the frameworks, community, accountability & roadmap to execute the vision.

Values: How You Conduct Your Mission & Vision? Growth

We are either growing or stagnating. This is a place for us all to grow to become better. We will use the 4 primary archetypes of mature masculinity as our guide: King, Magician, Warrior & Lover. We choose to commit to grow or stagnate.


The Masculine Archetypes – which is the map of forming kinship and all the other relationships we have with both ourselves and others. This is vital for maximizing our unique gifts as well as illumination where we need to go to grow. It is also indispensable for understanding the shadow and trauma that needs to be illuminated to increase resiliency.

The Pack – which is the map of how to build a sustainably resilient and thriving family and organization. This is a vital roadmap to form a solid foundation of culture, committed relationships and the healthy conflict required for accountability, feedback and growth.

The Hero’s Journey which is the model of how we engage and move through the unknown. This is vital for being able to answer the call to our purpose and adventure. It also outlines the indispensable needs of allies, elder wisdom and supernatural aid that get us through the abyss and return home with treasure, healing and service.

Additional part of our studies

Iron John is the story of the Wild Man who is the passion and authenticity that powers our journey from the adolescent psychology of the prince to mature psychology of the king that empowers, heals, and creates the kingdom.

Goal Setting is a toolset to learn to activate ourselves to discover what our treasure is & the roadmap to go get it.

I also include: A toolset to develop emotional resilience and learn to activate ourselves to fight & kill the monster in the abyss so we can return home to our kingdoms with treasure. You will learn to become aware of the trauma signs to identify when you are in Prince Behavior & how to regulate your nervous system to step into King behavior.

Finally: Joining the course also includes access to our private course-members-only Facebook Group where you can interact with, support and be supported by other course-members, as well as ask questions and interact directly with me regarding the course material.


1) New Content Released Every Week

Each week I will release a new module of content for you to begin exploring. This content will take anywhere from 1 – 2 hours to listen to/read & complete the challenges. I highly suggest you tap into your Magician (plan & organize) to plan into your week to stay current with your cohort. Each week may have audio, slides, a handout & challenges.

2) Weekly Challenges

Each week you will be given a set of challenges to integrate the studies into your own life. You will be expected to post your response into the course FB Group. How you show up in this group represents how we show up in life. Show up & play full out. These challenges will also create additional interactions, triggers, questions & feedback to share with the community.

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