Hermetic Gates of Initiation

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This course is designed to take the practitioner through the stages of the esoteric Alchemical Great Work as performed by a Hermetic magician. Each Phase of the Work concentrates on specific aspects of initiation and integration, as well as practical applications of the Work.

Joining the course also includes access to our private course-members-only Facebook Group where you can interact with, support and be supported by other course-members, as well as ask questions and interact directly with me regarding the course material.

In the first phase, you’ll learn about the basics of the initiatory process we will use and the basics of Hermetic cosmology and the foundations of grimoire conjuration.

You’ll learn the basic conjuration formula used throughout the course, and begin integrating initiatory forces into your sphere of influence, and learn to deal with the issues that arise as one pursues the Great Work.

It’s during this phase that you’ll undergo the first of a succession of initiations focusing primarily on the Elemental Kingdoms. This phase also provides an overview of the role of the Supernatural Assistant, and explores the relationship between the magician and the Assistant. Making this contact and establishing this relationship can be an arduous and long process, or it can take a couple of weeks, depending on your level of attainment and experience in conjuring spirits. Those who pursue each step of this work carefully and with attention and diligence should be properly prepared to acquire the Supernatural Assistant without too much hardship.

In the second phase you’ll undergo a series of initiations into the celestial spheres of the seven traditional planets. You’ll begin a technique of traveling through the spheres, and receiving spiritual attunements that bring you into harmony with the spheres around you. At the same time, you’ll be getting deeper into your understanding of who you are in the grand scheme of things in the universe at large from a Hermetic, Neo-Platonic perspective.

In the third phase, now that you’ve laid your foundation, received the Elemental Initiations, made contact with your Supernatural Assistant and walked the Gates of the Seven Spheres – it’s time to call up the Chthonic spirits of force and form for some practical, powerful thaumaturgy.

Roughly 30 weekly lessons in all – over 7 months of instruction and praxis walking you through the stages of the Great Work and the Hermetic Gates of Initiation.

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