Four Kings & your Sovereign Self

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Over the course of 8 weekly lessons (including audio, video, and pdf components – plus three “bonus” lessons in week 3) you’ll establish a working relation with the four kings, receive a spirit helper from each, learn an incredibly practical system of real-world magic utilizing ordinary playing cards, and if you put in the work – fundamentally alter the trajectory of your life for the better!

Oh, and did I mention Fire Rituals and East Asian esoteric methods of empowerment and protection?

Joining the course also includes access to our private course-members-only Facebook Group where you can interact with, support and be supported by other course-members, as well as ask questions and interact directly with me regarding the course material.

What previous students say about the Four Kings:

“The Four Kings Course has changed how I approach both magical and mundane goal setting and problem solving. This course will help a student redefine their practical methodology as well as growing closer to the Four Kings. This is an excellent course that I recommend for the beginner and the experienced sorcerer.”

“Before I jumped into this course I knew it would be challenging but I didn’t know how much I would end up loving the challenge. In addition to establishing a solid daily practice with the Kings I was able transform my finances, permanently alter my relationship to planning (from avoiding it like the plague to not being able to go a day without it) and I find that I am much more confident in my ability to perform any kind of magic. I highly recommend this course.”

“This course is absolutely worthwhile, thus the reason I did it twice. I got a great deal out of it, in truth it helped save my business (I did those things we discussed in our zoom chat in cycle 1), FFA is an excellent tool that works exceptionally well with sorcery, the Four Kings are some potent spirits that will have a place in my practice for the rest of my life.”

“The course seemed to have worked for me to make my finances better for which I am still reaping benefit from! From doing the work in the first few weeks. The course is definitely worth while.”

“I think this is THE course people need to be doing and I am not saying that to be nice. Just doing the work of the FFA maps combined with some of the tools and practices in the supplemental material given to us with lesson 3 is worth the price of admission.”

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