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Authentic Theurgy and Thaumaturgy from East Asia. This ritual meditation practice is based primarily on the Kuan tzu tsai p’u sa ju i lun nien sung i kueh as well as the Wu liang shou ju lai kuan hsing kung yang i kueh, both translated by Amoghavajra. This ritual meditation practice was originally an evocation ritual of Cintamanicakra…

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Red Work 2

RED WORK Course #2: In the Green Work, the magician undergoes a series of initiations into the celestial spheres of the planets and fixed stars. You begin a technique of traveling through the spheres, and receiving spiritual attunements that bring you into harmony with the spheres around you. You’ll meet the Intelligences of the Planets,…

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Red Work 1

RED WORK Course #1: In the Black Work we learn about the basics of the initiatory process the courses use. The basics of Hermetic cosmology and the foundations of grimoire conjuration are taught. It is during this phase that the aspiring magician begins to integrate the praxis into their lives and undergoes the first of…

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